Facilities Management

Ro-Tel have a great service ethic, systems and quality staff, employing the best trades people and managers.

Having started life as property maintenance contractors  leads us to have a better understanding of all the processes that facilitate the delivery of timely, cost-efficient services at a quality level, and this experience has enabled us to develop systems that ensure contracts and projects are managed step by step through the process.

Ro-Tel have a system to monitor and manage projects from a central location, which gives visibility and greater control to all, and the importance of regular communication is never underestimated by us, as the lack of quality communication is a big issue with many organisations.

Once agreed, we will closely monitor your budgets to ensure that, if you’re getting close, limits can be placed on projects until the next budget period. As a proactive Facilities Management Company we will also monitor work being completed where the same repairs are being made regularly, due to vandalism for example, and will recommend a different solution, not just keep repairing, thus reducing the impact on budgets?

Our Help Desk services can advise you by phone and prevent the necessity of a site visit, thus maintaining a focus on cost reduction, ongoing value for money and sustainable service excellence.

We take pride in offering well executed, planned and reactive maintenance services to keep your properties fit for purpose.